How Big Is A 43-Inch TV?

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Thinking about buying a 43-inch TV but not sure if it’s going to be big enough (or small enough) for your home?

people looking at 43 inch TV in a shop

Well, lucky for you we’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision about this popular screen size. Stay tuned!

What are the dimensions of a 43-inch TV?

A 43-inch TV measures 43 inches diagonally from one corner of the screen to the other. They’re 37.5 inches in width by 21.1 inches in height, but you may find slight variants in size depending on the thickness of the TV’s bezel. This is the frame that sits around the outside of the screen. 

Cheaper TVs will have thicker bezels, whereas more expensive and premium models will have almost no bezel at all. Don’t worry though, even if you are on a budget, a cheaper model with a thicker bezel will only add another couple of inches to the overall dimensions.  

The table below shows the width and height of each TV size:

Screen sizeWidthHeight
32”27.9 inches15.7 inches
40”34.9 inches19.6 inches
43”37.5 inches21.1 inches
50”43.6 inches24.5 inches
55”47.9 inches27 inches
60”52.3 inches29.4 inches
65”56.7 inches31.9 inches
70”61 inches34.3 inches
75”65.4 inches36.8 inches
80”69.7 inches39.2 inches
85”74.1 inches41.7 inches

Is a 43-inch TV big enough?

A 43-inch TV’s ideal viewing distance is between 4 and 8 feet, making them big enough for most modest size living rooms. They’re large enough to enjoy the benefits of a 4K resolution, but not so big that they completely dominate the space. 

Is a 43-inch TV too small?

For larger living room spaces, a 43-inch TV may look a little underwhelming. So, if you’re looking to bring that cinema experience home, you may want to consider opting for a bigger screen to enjoy all those blockbuster action scenes. 

Although a 43-inch TV may not raise any eyebrows in a larger living room setting, its size is versatile enough to provide background entertainment in a kitchen or playroom. It’s also a great option for a bedroom or anywhere where it’s not the main focal point. 

Is a 43-inch TV too big for gaming?

TVs between 43 and 55 inches are considered the best options for gaming if you’re able to sit far enough away from the screen. The latest TVs in these sizes tend to have high-quality resolutions and lots of tech to make the gaming experience even more immersive and realistic. 

Making sure you have the right TV for the size of your room and the ideal viewing distance will help you see all the action on-screen. In turn, this will no doubt help you retain your highest score accolades! Winning!

43 inch TV for gaming

Can you mount a 43-inch TV?

A 43-inch TV can be mounted to the wall. All you need to do is make sure you buy the right mount for the job. To do this you’re going to need to find out the VESA bracket size your TV requires and also how much it weighs. 

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association and thankfully they’ve standardized bracket configurations on the back of most TVs. You’ll find the bracket size and the TV’s weight listed on the box or in the product manual, so make sure you don’t throw either of them out with the recycling!

A 43-inch TV can weigh anything between 20 and 35 pounds. The weight can vary slightly due to the type of stand the TV has. Stands with separate feet at both ends of the TV are usually lighter than central stands, which need more weight to help them balance. 

If you’re mounting your TV to drywall, you’ll need to find out where your stud work within the wall is located. You can use a stud finder to do this or some good old-fashioned knocking. If the wall sounds solid when you knock on it, you’ve found your stud. If it sounds hollow, keep looking! 

How high should a 43-inch TV be mounted on the wall?

The sweet spot for most screen sizes is 42 inches from the floor, as this puts the middle of the screen just above eye level for most people sitting on a chair or couch. You may need to adjust this measurement if you’re going to be reclining whilst watching TV. 

Also bear in mind any obstacles like cabinets or soundbars and speakers that will need to sit underneath the TV, you may need to position it a little higher in these cases. 

Either way, these are just recommendations, it’s really about whatever height helps you avoid a painful crick in the neck. Ouch! 

43 inch TV on wall

What size TV stand do I need for a 43-inch TV?

You’ll ideally want a stand that’s between 43 to 49 inches in width, with the height from the floor being around 42 inches. Don’t forget the depth, as you’re going to need between 15 to 18 inches to get your hands around the back to connect consoles and other devices. 

How far apart are the legs on a 43-inch TV?

In general, the legs on most 43-inch TV stands tend to be between 25 and 34 inches apart. If, like me, you want to position your TV in a corner, you can swap the legs for a stand that just has one central leg for a more comfortable fit. 

TV with central leg
TV on corner stand with central leg

Is 4K worth it on a 43-inch TV?

Buying a 4K 43-inch screen is definitely worth it if your couch or chair is the right viewing distance away. The ideal distance is 1 to 1.5 times the diagonal width of the screen. So, in this case, you’ll need to be 3.5 to 5.5 feet away. 

Anything further and you’ll miss out on the finer details 4K gives you. Anything closer than that and you’ll risk eye strain and your favorite shows looking pixelated. Yikes!

A 43-inch screen is just about the entry benchmark for 4K being worth the investment though. So, if picture quality is a top priority for you and you really want to make the most of the immersive experience 4K can give you, it may be worth choosing something bigger. That’s provided budget, room size, and viewing distance allow.

Screen sizeDistance
40″3.5 – 5 ft
43″ 3.5 – 5.5 ft
50″4 – 6.5 ft
55″4.5 – 7 ft
60″5 – 7.5 ft
65″5.5 – 8 ft
70″6 – 9 ft
75″ 6.5 – 9.5 ft
80″ 6.5 – 10 ft
85″ 7 – 10.5 ft

If you need a little help deciding between TV sizes, check out our 43 vs 50-inch TV article to help you weigh up the pros and cons. 

What is the best 43-inch TV to buy?

They may not be the biggest screens money can buy, but make no mistake there are some fantastic 43-inch TVs on the market right now, and this LG model is no exception.

It’s certainly a beauty with a sleek design and a super slim bezel that perfectly frames the 4K screen. And it’s clever too, with intelligent features like AI Brightness Control which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on how light or dark your room is. So, feel free to close the drapes for a matinee movie. 

It comes with LG’s Magic Remote, which lets you point, click, scroll, or use voice commands to help you quickly navigate your way around the content you want to watch. 

Plus, if you’re partial to a bit of box-set binging you won’t be disappointed with this TV. It’s got all the big streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney + to name but a few, as well as instant access to over 300 LG channels with everything from comedy to movies to sports. Sorted! 

And if that wasn’t enough there’s even a little something for the gamer in your life, as this TV also comes with GeForce Now, giving them a cloud full of old favorites and new titles to get their teeth stuck into! 

Price wise it’s not bad either, making this a great all-rounder in a 43-inch package.

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