energy saving devices

14 Best Energy Saving Devices For Homes

Learn which energy devices will save you the monst money. These are the best energy saving devices you can buy to save electricity, gas and water.

Induction cooktop vs. Electric stove

Is Induction Cooking Cheaper Than Electric?

Are you considering updating your cooking appliances but wondering whether induction technology is worth the investment? Relax, we’ll have you whipping up a culinary storm …

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How Much Electricity Does A Crock Pot Use?

Learn how much electricity a crockpot uses and work out exactly how much it costs to use your slow cooker to cook a meal with the crock pot energy usage calculator.

modern TV

How Big Is An 85-Inch TV?

So, you’re looking for a colossal TV but you’re not sure if an 85-inch model is going to measure up? Well, lucky for you we’re …

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