How To Air-Dry Clothes in An Apartment

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Finding the space to air-dry your clothes in an apartment can be tricky! But never fear, because we’ve got lots of top tips to help you get that Monday morning shirt or your favorite soccer jersey ready to wear, no matter how tight on space you are.  

Air-drying clothes in an apartment

What Are The Benefits Of Air-Drying Your Clothes?

Before we get into the how, let’s take a second to appreciate why air-drying clothes is a good thing in the first place. 

Saves money and energy 

If you often find yourself looking longingly at your friend’s electric dryer, STOP. Not only are they big and cumbersome but most models are energy guzzlers too.

Air-drying isn’t just kind on your pocket, it’s better for the environment, so even Mother Nature will thank you. 

Friendlier on fabrics 

Electric dryers can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the fibers in your fabrics. You’ll prolong the life of your favorite outfits by air-drying them, which in the long run saves you money on buying new clothes. It’s a win, win! 

How Do You Air-Dry Clothes In An Apartment?

To air-dry clothes in an apartment, you’ll need the right equipment. Clotheslines and drying racks are ideal for hanging items of all shapes and sizes. Just make sure you position them somewhere that’s well-ventilated to avoid mold and nasty odors from forming.

The Fastest Way to Air-Dry Clothes In An Apartment

Drying your clothes on a balcony is a super speedy way to get your favorite outfits ready to go. For the best results, simply hang a washing line or position a drying rack on your balcony, drape your laundry over them and let the great outdoors do the rest. 

You could even use the balcony balustrade or any outdoor tables and chairs you might have to dry larger items, just check that they’re clean before you hang anything on them. And use clothespins to secure everything in place so that you don’t have to fish your lucky pants out of any nearby trees!

And you don’t need a step-out balcony either. A Juliet balcony can also be used to hang clothes out to dry.

Air-drying clothes using balcony balustrade

But what if you don’t have a balcony? And what if it’s cold and rainy out there? Don’t worry! Just read on…

How To Dry Clothes In An Apartment Without A Balcony

If your apartment doesn’t have a balcony, don’t panic! There are still plenty of options to help you get your clothes dry in no time, you simply need the right kit. 

1. Clothesline

Okay, so technically clotheslines are for drying your laundry outside, but when space is at a premium, creativity is key. By stringing up a line inside you’ll not only have a handy place to dry your socks and bedding, but you’ll also save on floor space.

Look out for retractable versions to help prevent your home from looking like a typical Venetian street! 

2. Laundry rods

Laundry rods are just like the racks you find in your closet. The only difference is you can position them anywhere you want around your home.

Make sure you have plenty of spare hangers handy for this option. And if you don’t want to spoil the look of your apartment, choose swish wooden hangers to keep everything looking neat and stylish. 

3. Drying rack

A drying rack is essential if you’re air-drying clothes in an apartment. They’re foldable so you can easily store them.

They’re portable so you can move them around different rooms easily and they come in different configurations, including tall multi-tiered standing racks, as well as extendable versions with fold-out wings.

So, you can choose one that suits the amount of space you have available.  

4. Wall-mounted dryer rack

One of our favorites has to be a wall-mounted dryer. They’re basically a rack that fixes directly onto a wall in a corridor or a bathroom.

You can get ones that neatly fold away too, so they’re not in the way when you’re going about your everyday business. 

5. Ceiling-mounted dryer rack

If wall mounting isn’t possible, it might be worth considering a ceiling-mounted dryer instead. These are great if you need to free up floor space.

You can get simple models which use a manual pulley system to lower the racks for loading and unloading. Or, there are clever versions that automatically move the rack up and down using a remote control. Fancy! 

6. Heated dryer rack

If you’re looking for a solution that not only maximizes space but also cuts down on drying time, a heated drying rack is a neat idea!

They combine all the best bits of a standard drying rack, like foldability and portability, with the bonus of having specially heated rods. You can even use them in winter to heat your clothes before you put them on in the morning. Genius!

Confession time – I no longer live in an apartment, I live in a house! But, I still have a heated drying rack in my garage to dry my clothes in the winter.

7. Dehumidifiers

Yep, you read that right, the humble dehumidifier has many talents. Not only can it control moisture levels, keep mold and odors at bay and tackle common allergy triggers such as dust and dander, but it can dry your clothes as well.

Now let’s not get too carried away, as the drying process with a dehumidifier is not quite at electric dryer speeds! But if you’re looking for a small, portable appliance that can do two jobs in one, this might just be the answer. 

Top Tips For Drying Clothes In An Apartment

1. Location, location, location

It’s important to designate some specific areas of your apartment for drying your laundry, that way you can work around the various racks, clothes, and towels more easily.

Remember to find a backup space for when guests turn up unannounced, somewhere you can move your unmentionables to save any potential embarrassment. 

A bathroom is a great place to dry your laundry as you probably spend the least amount of time in there. Just make sure there’s appropriate ventilation so that it doesn’t get too humid.

If you have a shower, pop a tall multi-tiered standing rack inside it to keep your laundry out of the way when nature calls. Remember, shower curtain rods, towel racks, and door hooks are all great for hanging large and small items on. 

If your bathroom is a no-go, try to find a nice sunny spot by a window, as the sunlight will help to speed up the drying process. Use dining chairs and tables as extra drying surfaces for bigger items or when you’ve washed larger loads.  

air-drying clothes in an apartment

2. Hang it right

To help speed up the drying process even more, try to sort your fabrics before you put them on the rack. Hanging them according to type will also save you time.

Shirts and tops should hang from the bottom hem, pants should hang from the hems on the legs with the waist facing down and bed linen should be folded in half first. Simple!

3. Keep moisture, mildew, and odors at bay

Unfortunately, for all the benefits of air-drying, there are some downsides. If you don’t keep your home ventilated on laundry days, chances are your damp fabrics will create extra moisture which means mold and odors are never far away. 

Open windows, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, heaters, and fans are ideal for controlling moisture levels and keeping the air flowing around your apartment.

Equally, make sure you’re not layering items on top of each other when you hang them. Space everything out evenly so that air can circulate, and your laundry can dry properly.  

Clean laundry hanging on drying rack indoors

My Recommendation

The super saver option

If you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective solution, this tall multi-tiered standing dryer rack will do the business. It’s got plenty of rods to hang large and small items on, everything from bedding and long trousers to tops and socks. It’s also made out of rust-free stainless steel, so this is a drying buddy that really is in it for the long haul! 

The neat and tidy option 

If you’re a stickler for tidiness and hate the idea of freestanding dryer racks hanging around your pad, then you might just want to invest in something a little more sophisticated. This clever wall-mounted dryer rack is the perfect tonic for anyone who likes everything just so. 

Not only does it have plenty of space to dry your laundry, but once you’ve finished with it, you can simply fold it back against the wall like it was never even there! This model has a distinct Scandi vibe going on too, giving it a contemporary touch. You will need to dust off your DIY skills to attach it to the wall, but in the name of neatness, it’s certainly worth it. 

The smart option

For those of you who like their gadgets but also love a twofer, this dehumidifier is right up your alley. It’s got a special laundry setting to help dry your clothes and of course, it goes without saying that it’ll keep your apartment mold and odor free. 

This model can remove up to thirty pints of moisture per day, that’s five pints more than a standard dehumidifier! As the saying goes you get what you pay for and this little stunner is not cheap, but no gadget worth its salt ever is! Sigh!

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